We have Little Me and Aqua!! What's next?

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Re: We have Little Me and Aqua!! What's next?

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Hi Devin

whatever you're on, share with the rest of the class :lol:

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Re: We have Little Me and Aqua!! What's next?

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This is it Pyros album after Relapse was in works!
July 18 [7:55 EDT] -- Even though Perry Farrell and Stephen Perkins of Porno For Pyros are reuniting with their ex-Jane's Addiction bandmate Dave Navarro, it does not mean the end of Porno For Pyros.

With Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea set to replace former Jane's bassist Eric Avery in the latest Jane's incarnation, Farrell is quick to point out that the Jane's "relapse" does not push Porno For Pyros to the back burner.

In fact, he and Perkins were recently in the jungles of Costa Rica to record wildlife sounds for future Porno tracks. Of course, recording in the jungle presents its own unique brand of problems, and chief among them would have to be the less-than-friendly reception Farrell and Perkins got from a group of monkeys.

"So we go flying through the brush," Farrell told MTV News.

"I got my DAT player... my headphones, my microphone... 'National Geographic' type thing, you know," Perkins added.

"And we

get to their town, because their town's above us, but I saw them the other day," Farrell explained. "I go there, and there they are, right. They look down on us, then they try to sh** on us, but we dodge it." [1.2 MB QuickTime]

"They were trying to eat, and we upset them a little," Perkins noted.

Barring some sort of jungle-related delay, Farrell and Perkins will be heard on the Jane's Addiction Relapse album (boasting old and new tracks) this fall, while the new Porno album will arrive next year.
http://www.mtv.com/news/1433252/farrell ... rno-album/

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