Happy Happy Joy Joy

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Happy Happy Joy Joy

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Well if this site iz gonna be known as the place everyone'z happy and blind then dont you think a show iz in order?....Actually I've been giving in to all my impulses lately...I've been on sum sick italian food kick...smoking way too much good n. cal. bud!!!.... a lil too much vino,,,silly mindgames and self indulgent puzzle's for kickz...with all the aweful thingz going on in the world...isnt it cool that I can spend time on such silly things..we are really blessed if we can ... arent we?...Music makes my day seem alright...say my zoloft...When I see or hear Janes it goes deeper for me...it'z like those moments when yer playing a song yourself and it drives itself....you see this in other people as well..it to me is like the hand of God moving....Sometime we surf it better then others, but when Jane's is on it's very magical to me...in a really special way...like the buzz ya get off a old Zeppelin album.....soaked in reverb...just dripping with serotonin's and faith in magic....It'z a good thing that everyone got what they wanted...a tour with Eric I really enjoyed it...Im sad if it didnt work out...But im really glad they are all alive and doing well....I wouldnt want to see a band of guys that hated each other so much as to pretend to get by jest staying together no matter what....Anger has a part in writting songs but so does happy things...Perry needs to do what Perry needs to do and Eric as well...I jest really hope these guys that are so plugged in can pull another rabbit outta the hat and amaze me again like they have so many times before....I have a deep love for what joy they have gave me...Gods blessings :) and I luvz ya uncle Perry :P
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Re: Happy Happy Joy Joy

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spunkmuffin wrote:to me is like the hand of God moving....
yes,its that connection to the wire!

to quote Pete

I am in constant search for that connection to a higher power. All sound and words made during that plug are perfect, even noise and set up sound and feel amazing. It is a gift! I pray that we all find it in an artist or a band soon.

“I’ve got some advice for old people, you either keep fucking dancing or die.” - Perry Farrell
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"The quality of mercy is not strained, it dropeth as the gentle rain from heaven."
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