1983.xx.xx - Anti-Club @ Helen's Place, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - Psi-Com

Perry, Eric, Dave, & Stephen's road to Jane's Addiction
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1983.xx.xx - Anti-Club @ Helen's Place, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - Psi-Com

Post by Mike »

This is one that Gorg Katz told me about two years ago. I’ve been meaning to share this but had lost track of his posts about it.

Gorg Katz: Saw Psicom open for the Minutemen at Anticlub.

Gorg Katz: i remember all the hoopla about them going back to their demo tape... they were a regular at the scream club, and perry would attend their annual picnics in elysian park. musically, i prefered his early 80s band, psicom... i used to have their 12", and saw them live once in 83.

Gorg Katz: I've a stack of early Jane's Addiction flyers, as well as several much earlier Psicom ones.

Gorg Katz: Saw Psicom live once when they opened for The Minutemen at anticlub in 83!

Gorg Katz: yeah, i wish i had my camera with me that night, but i was busy doing roadie duty for the minutemen that night... but, psicom's set was very memorable to where perry remembered it and me a year or so later when i ran into him at the scream picnic.

Michael Walters: I help out in the tour section of the Jane’s Addiction fan site https://janesaddiction.org/tour/ and I would love to see any flyers you have for Jane’s Addiction or Psi-Com. Especially if they’re for shows that we don’t know about or are unconfirmed.

Gorg Katz: Well... i looked at the psicom gigography... the show i saw them at is not listed there... it was 1983, and they opened for the minutemen at anticlub at Helen's. The date, i don't remember... see if its listed in a minutemen gigography... i sent ya an add request so ya can access and peruse thru my flyer folders in my pix folder, as my profile is private. I might have flyers to gigs not listed in yer database.

Gorg Katz: Oh yeah... pacifica studios is technically in Culver City... it was a couple blocks from where i used to live, and ive been there myself.
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Re: 1983.xx.xx - Anti-Club @ Helen's Place, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - Psi-Com

Post by helicine »

He's either remembering the venue or year wrong

Anti-Club left Helen's Place in July of 1983 - via the La Dee Da column in the Jul 14, 1983 issue of the LA Weekly:
Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 10.44.00 AM.png
Anti-Club returned via Eddie's Cafe a month later (see Aug 18, 1983 issue of LA Weekly)

The Minutemen did play Anti-Club @ Eddie's Cafe on Aug 19, but we've got a confirmed Psi Com gig at The Co Co Club that same night. Psi Com played Anti-Club @ Eddie's Cafe on Sept 3.

Anti-Club returned to Helen's Place a year later, Psi Com played the 2nd night:
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