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1987.06.05 - The Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:59 am
by Mike
June 05, 1987 - The Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA ... 06-05/383/

This show has been on the list since before I started working on it. I don’t know how it found its way onto the list but if anyone does I would like to know. It could be helpful when looking for confirmation.

I have scoured the LA Weekly thoroughly looking for anything on this date and I found nada. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen but there’s nothing in the LA weekly for it.

I have not searched The Los Angeles Times for this date.

It is possible that this is a misdate of the May 31, 1987 Rock Against AIDS show at the same venue. :noclue: