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1988.10.25 The Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:07 am
by Mike
Here's another brand new show for the gig listing.
This one dates back to the time the band were touring the country opening for Iggy Pop.

If only this dude would have gotten there on time we might have had another show to listen to. :(

The important text is in bold.
Iggy Pop
The Pterodactyl Club
Charlotte, NC USA
Oct. 25, 1988

A Doodee Music Master Recording

"If it's a DOODEE, you know it's the SHIT®"
- Stripeydave 2008

This post is all about freely sharing some great music, spreading the word about these bands, increasing sales of their goods and attendance at their shows and having a little fun - please comply on all fronts.

Here's one from the crypt for y'all - Iggy Pop exploding the little ol' (literally) Pterodactyl Club.

This is one of those recordings that's a tad bittersweet. On the plus side - I actually got to attend this sold out show without a literal ticket. I was friends with Brian and Susan Haynes, the owners of a little record shop called Selecter Records. Seems they were on the guest list for this show but couldn't make it. Thru some good fortune they asked me if I'd like to go and was slipped their guest list privileges. Brian and Susan are great folks and were very good to me while they owned Selecter. In an unrelated incident, Brian, who happens to be the brother of Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule / Allman Brothers fame, tipped me off that Warren was going to jam with Lonnie Mack at one of his shows. Thanks to Brian, that one got recorded as well. Good, good people. Anyway - I listened to this while transferring it and was absolutely blown away by the sheer power of this show. Iggy put his foot on our throats from the get go and didn't take it off til he left the stage and went straight to the bus 24 songs later. I'd lost sight of that brute force while this one sat in the basement for the last 22 years. Also a heavy nod to the old stuff. This meshed especially well with the material from "Instinct" that Iggy was currently promoting, probably his closest return to the Stooges sound up til that point. It's a great performance.

On the downside - not getting there in time to see all of (or capture) the opening set by Jane's Addiction. If memory serves me correctly I saw only three songs - "Mountain Song", "Up The Beach" and "Ocean Size" - and good lawd was they good. "Nothing's Shocking" remains my favorite Jane's album and this set would have probably contained damn near the entire thing. But I blew it. I also wish I'd had some better recording gear at the time. This was a particularly difficult show to record given it's packed crowd and Iggyfied volume level that can only be desribed as earschplittenloudenboomer (my apologies to Steppenwolf) but some upgraded gear would have provided some benefit. Such is the twisted mind of the taper - disappointed with what you missed and constantly thinking about what could have made what you did capture better. But in my book any capture is better than no capture at all. keeping with the theme of the download.... jump ahead to the Myrtle Beach Martinique in 1993. It's the day the wife, kids and I were headin' home and I was just hangin' out by the pool in the AM. Noticed this incredibly gaunt, sickly lookin' guy with long stringy hair and huge sunglasses in a chair by the pool. "I know this guy" I kept saying to myself. I was about to head up and get the luggage together and this guy grabs his towel and heads inside. Tiny fellow. I tailed him to the front desk amazingly still trying to put it all together. He asks where he should leave his towel, I hear the voice and it all comes together - IT'S IGGY POP! He had totally transformed from the short-haired persona he sported from "Blah Blah Blah" thru "Brick By Brick" into an even skinnier body framed by very long hair. He headed toward the elevator and I followed. We got on and he hit the top floor button. I'll never forget the conversation -

Me - Is that you Iggy?
IP - Yeah, it's me man.
Me - What the hell are you doin' here?
IP - I'm visiting my folks. They retired down here from Detroit.
At this point I'm thinkin' why wouldn't Iggy Pop stay with his family when he comes to visit them. In that split second I remember I'm talkin' to Iggy Pop - the chances are pretty good his family doesn't want him there and he doesn't want to be there.
Me - No kiddin'. Cool. I gotta tell you thanks for all the music you've given us. I saw you at the Pterodactyl Club in Charlotte in '88 and it's still one of my favorite all time shows. Why don't you play down south more?
IP - The south doesn't quite know how to take me, man.
Me - Keep tryin'. Some of us get it. Hey, how'd you end up with that John Hiatt song on your last record? (I was also a big Hiatt fan at the time and Iggy had covered "Something Wild").
IP - You know about John? He's a great songwriter.
Me - Yep, he's good. (We hit the top floor) Thanks man and come play some shows down here.
IP - OK man. Take care.

And with that Iggy was gone. I went to the room and told my wife the story. I made a reference to meeting "Uncle Iggy" and my son, who was three at the time, never forgot it. He asked a few times over the years when Iggy's name would come up in conversation if he was really our uncle. He knows the real deal now but still refers to him that way today. Good Lord I love that boy.

If there's a better copy of this show out there please share it. There was a user on here a while back making some noise about taping a lot of Pterodactyl shows but I've yet to see any surface. If they do exist they're doing nothing in the closet but rotting. Uploaders make this site go so please share whatcha got. A bootleg stored away in a box is the same as the proverbial tree that falls in a deserted forest - neither makes a sound.

As for this one, check the sample. To quote the ever so generous realomind - "It ain't perfect but it ain't bad." Y'all enjoy.

1. Instinct
2. Kill City
3. 1969
4. Penetration
5. Power And Freedom
6. Beyond The Law
7. High On You
8. Some Weird Sin
9. Sweet Sixteen
10. Five Foot One
11. Johanna
12. Shake Appeal
13. Tuff Baby
14. Real Wild Child
15. Winners And Losers>
16. Scene Of The Crime
17. TV Eye
18. Search And Destroy
19. Cold Metal
20. Squarehead
21. No Fun
22. I Wanna Be Your Dog
23. Encore break
24. 1970
25. I Got A Right

Iggy Pop - V
Andy McCoy - G
Alvin Gibbs - B
Shamus Beghan - K/G
Paul Garisto - D

Trade only. Support the Mighty Iggster and all associated with him by buying their records and merchandise and attending their shows.

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Re: 1988.10.25 The Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:19 am
by Mike
OK that didn't take long to confirm! :cool:


Re: 1988.10.25 The Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:56 am
by helicine
it'd be helpful if that ticket had a date

now the question is, is this a new date or a correction for this unconfirmed date: ... tourID=292

Re: 1988.10.25 The Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:20 am
by Mike
helicine wrote:it'd be helpful if that ticket had a date
Agreed but it looks like they tore the bottom off when you went into the venue.
I found another ticket and the date is missing on it too.

helicine wrote:now the question is, is this a new date or a correction for this unconfirmed date: ... tourID=292
I'm 99.999% certain it's a new date and I don't think it's a misdate of 2/14/89.
I looked for some confirmation for the 2/14/89 show and didn't find anything for it where I found those tickets.
I did run across this Iggy site though! :cool: ... 201986.htm

Re: 1988.10.25 The Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:08 am
by shadow
Hallo there, glad to read something about Iggy Pop tour in 1988: Live at channel Boston in 1988 is the better live records that i've ever heard. I like so much cause line up include the legendary guitarist of Hanoi Rocks Andy Mccoy. Andy rearranged all Iggy's stuff as he said to me on his guestbook web site and confirmed to me when we met after Hanoi Rocks reunion gig here in Italy some years ago. Hanoi Rocks toured in early eighties with punk rock band UK SUBS: bassist Alvin Gibbs is Andy Mccoy friend called by him to play with Iggy! Jane's Addiction opening for Iggy's Band in New York. Bowie was there at that show! It seems that Andy Mccoy left the stage cause he didn't accepted Iggy's disappointed about an andy's mistake during winner and loser. Iggy was really nervous and wanted to gave the better impression to Bowie, but despite this Andy "the real only one" Mccoy left the stage and Iggy with his embarassment. So Iggy gone to Andy backstage praying Andy to return to the stage! :lol: :lol: :lol: Despite all of this Bowie gone to Iggy backstage and said to him: this is the best band you've got :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

It's just a curiosity...excuse me if i am off topic! Bye

Re: 1988.10.25 The Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC

Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:52 am
by shadow
Just to let you know, i'm not a visionary :lol:

this book written by bassist Alvin Gibbs about touring around globe with Iggy and Andy "Mr crazyness" Mccoy is the source ... ood_Threat

Re: 1988.10.25 The Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:27 pm
by Mike
Here’s a listing for this date.
Listing taken from the Charlotte Observer dated October 21, 1988