I want to buy magazines/scans of Jane's Addiction

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I want to buy magazines/scans of Jane's Addiction

Post by Fabriziorock »

Hello, guys. I'm from Latin America and I'm looking for scans, magazines or clippings from Jane's Addiction or related.

Beside being a Jane's fan, I'm working on a project about them and I'm tracking every interview/article. I already checked all the ones that are going around here and there and on the internet, so if you have something you're not more interested in, and you want to get some bucks... just let me know.

If you want to sell the actual clippings or magazines, you can create the article on eBay and a friend of mine will receive them in USA.
I'll pay you via Paypal. If you want to sell the scans, I'll pay you via Paypal too.

I'm particularly interested in the material you may have of the 1985-1991 era. But if you have something else, write me too. Everything is great.

You can contact me at summertimerolls445@gmail.com.

Thank you!
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