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a article from dec 1990 Pop Rock



hope someone can translate
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Here is the google translation of my transcription (raw transcription below)

Last Rebel

Many people believe that the basic rock'n'roll has long said the last word. The new Jane's Addiction album "Ritual de lo Habitual" might make them change their minds. Sasa Stojanovic held talks in London with frontman Perry Farrell (Perry Farrell). Look through the camera: Branislav Rasic

In the continuing - and all of a faster - the decline of Western civilization music, album, Jane's Addiction Ritual de lo Habitual shines as a reflector in the field of broken dreams. Masterful continuation Nothing's Shocking 1988! It has everything that a rock plate should be; High Power - loud and heavy, but with enough room to breathe, rebellious - with the correct signs of anger; mystically - without the usual superficiality; versatile - surprisingly, instead of the expected; research - lost in the labyrinths, teens - for the last members of the anti-disco club; Inspirational - the unification of the different impacts; proud - because it is not standard. Unquenched in a commercial vacuum - is pulsating!

The qualities of legend

Their leader Perry Farrell (Perry Farrell) is not just another "star in building" - he no longer carries the quality of legend! Its appearance does not end with the pin-up pretensions, there is something fascinating in it: black hair framing a pale face ice, while the eyes are constantly live in search of a new idea, the subject of ... Perry says with constant tension, searching for words, making a break when would like to find a suitable description. M. Farrell will not disappoint you if you met him ... His ear is earrings, a ring on his thumb, You got the impression that the conversation could take a year. Other members David Novaro (David Novarro, guitar), Eric Yo (Eric A., bass) and Stephen Perkins (Stephen Perkins, drums) are brilliant on the stage, but a total mystery out of it. Perry's in charge ...

He's serious, but not without a sense of humor. He realizes historical Significance of irony, which is normal, since, "Nothings Schocking" was nominated for a Grammy in the category of "best hard rock / heavy metal carrying out" and was defeated by Jethro Tull (!?). We started to talk about movies, we quickly switched to the field of music. After a short video documentary "Soul Kiss" (20 odd minutes), working on much longer "Gift".

- Wrote songs, but then I became interested in making movies. It was a logical extension of the composers work, expanding the field of action, which is why I somewhat neglected music. But this is only a short break. My girlfriend and artistic partner Casey (Casey) and I we were filming in Mexico and Los Angeles. We had a modest budget of $ 200,000 and the rules that we do video clips for my group. The entire thing is made with the help of Very young filmmakers. Title is "Present" ("Gift").

- When will we be able to see this film?

- I hope to be Distributed by theaters, since it was recorded at 16 millimeters. My disco-house wants to switch to the video format, but I refuse. Not yet installed, so I doubt that can be done before February.

- You had a problem with "Soul Kiss" when shown on MTV, the problem with the (bare) pack your first panel, which was therefore sold, the old bag, the problem with a new wrapper ... Do you think that the laws impede business your artistic freedom?

- On the one hand, I may be a problem for them, but in the long run will give them that their integrity is very much needed. I'll give part of yourself that has character, and that is precisely what contemporary art is missing. I do not think I'm better than others, but I know that I offer something that the entire market has become narrowly specialized and no more individuality. The lack of character is the dominant phenomenon.

- People have understood what you have to offer and accolades have begun arriving in huge quantities. Does that put under pressure to maintain the level that you have set for yourself?

- Live in their roles and the only pressure that exists comes from within. Compromise, speculating with video clips that I come across them to film. Soon it will no longer be needed, especially as I believe that on MTV and similar channels there is fatigue.

Habits change

- Success in your case comes slowly, but there are possibilities of it collapsed at once, like a waterfall. Do you think you will be ready for the attack?

- Think about it and was putting it among their plans. Because of this, "potkresaču" some things after this panel, as when you want the plant to grow better. I believe that we will grow as much as we ourselves want. If support continues to come directly from the street, from people, there is no reason for concern. One look at the Top 40 is sufficient to establish that scares me the idea of ​​belonging to this kind of music and musicians. It's terrible, man, really awful. We have worked hard building up success and deserve every bit of his.

- How many songs are autobiographical?

- I'm only writing about their own experience and not possible to bear inventing. How anyone can listen to something that does not happen? You need something real, something that carries real emotions. There are so many real things in the world and really rather opt for them.

- What is your current "Ritual de lo Habitual"?

- Chinese herbs in the morning. And read. But habits are constantly changing.

- If it were not so, it would be bad for you and for us. Do you listen to much music?

- Yes, and it scares me you for not not stimulate. Removal open the newspaper and see a familiar name. For instance, Cabaret Voltaire ... I loved that band. But we have to accept the fact that very little "size" walking around. From contemporary performers so macho they like it, I've concluded that we can count on one or two names per year. So it is in today's world.

- Too them is trapped in one region of the too of them is unable to arouse interest for anything beyond his musical barriers ... I do not like you?

- Thank you. I think the music needs freedom to take own national network, natural looking, moving He has his own direction. I have not heard Dread Zeppelin, but a lot of people tell me that they are great. I saw a picture of them and know that they began as a parody, but it still all taken seriously because they are so entertaining.

- How is it the idea of ​​"Three Days" as a key song of the album?

- I would say that it sums up the whole plate. That song has everything that makes Jane's Addiction. If I had to choose one song for introducing a album, that would be it.

- "Of course" was, also, approaching this status ...

- If you want the truth, that's my favorite thing. When we were in Mexico, she is constantly on your mind, as it has in itself chili peppers, has a taste of Mexico, it appears that your blood boil. It is both calming and bittersweet. Very romantic songs ... Maybe that's the hang of it, maybe that stunt, you might like to romance ...

- I guess it's all love, but should be a man and admit it ...

- Ha, ha. This album is about love and I had a tremendous hassle to people who had complaints. As to what we do, someone is bothered more than the knowledge that young people are sent to war to die, which is the most disgusting thing I can imagine. But it is easier to attack us. All politicians are corrupt and they all hide behind something. My President is still as much as any other, and not a benefactor of the world as you would want me back to be played. All they are interested in only one thing power. But explain to the fanatics ... "Ritual de lo Habitual" is the best album of Guns N 'Roses, who themselves will never capture ...
Here is the raw transcription:

Poslednji buntovnik

Mnogi ljudi veruju da je bazični rock'n'roll odavno rekao poslednju reč. Novi album Jane's Addiction "Ritual de lo Habitual" možda će ih naterati da promene mišljenje. Saša Stojanović razgovarao je u Londonu sa frontmenom grupe Perijem Farelom (Perry Farrell). Pogled kroz kameru: Branislav Rašić

U kontinuiranom - i sve ubrzanijem - padu muzike zapadne civilzacije, album Jane's Addiction Ritual de lo Habitual bljeśti kao reflektor u polju neostvarenih snova. Majstorski nastavak Nothing's Shocking iz 1988! To je sve ono sto rock ploća treba da bude; snażno - glasno i heavy, ali sa dovoljno prostora za disanje, buntovno - uz pravilne naznake gneva; mistićno - bez uobićajene površnosti; raznovrsno - iznenadujuće, umesto oćekivanog; istrażivački - u izgubljenim lavirintima, tinejdźerski - za poslednje članove anti-disco kluba; inspirativno - kroz unifikaciju razlićitih uticaja; ponosno - jer nije standardno. Neugašena u komercijalnom vakuumu - ona pulsira!

Kvaliteti legende

Njihov voda Peri Farel (Perry Farrell) nije samo još jedna "zvezda u izgradnji" - on viśe nosi kvalitete legende! Njegov izgled ne završava se na pin up pretenzijama, ima nečeg fascinantnog u njemu: crna kosa uokviruje ledeno bledo lice, dok su oči neprekidno żive u potrazi za novom idejom, predmetom... Peri govori sa neprekidnom tenzijom, trażeći reči, praveći pauzu kad żeli da pronade odgovarajući opis. M. Farel vas neće razoćarati, ako ga sretnete... U njegovom uhu je minduśa, a na palcu prsten, lmate utisak da bi razgovor mogao potrajati godinu dana. Ostali ćlanovi Dejvid Novaro (David Novarro, gitara), Erik Ej (Eric A., bas) i Stiven Perkins (Stephen Perkins, bubnjevi) su briljantni na bini, ali potpuna misterija van nje. Peri je tu glavni...

Ozbiljan je, ali ne bez smisla za humor. Shvata smisoa ironije, śto je i normalno, pośto je, "Nothings Schocking" nominovan za Grammy nagradu u kategoriji "Najbolje hard rock / heavy metal izvodenje" i bio pobeden od strane Jethro Tull (!?). Poćeli smo razgovor o filmovima, da bismo se ubrzo prebacili na teren muzike. Posle kratkog video-dokumentarca "Soul Kiss" (20 čudnih minuta), radi na znatno dużem "Gift".

- Pisao sam pesme, ali sam se onda zainteresovao za pravljenje filmova. To je bio logičan produźetak kompozitorskog rada, prośirenje polja delovanja, zbog ćega sam muziku doneki zapostavio. No, to je samo kratka pauza. Moja devojka I umetnićki partner Kejsi (Casey) i ja snimali smo u Meksiku i Los Andelesu. Imali smo skroman budźet od 200,000 dolara i pravili se da radimo video-spotova za moju grupu. Ćitava stvar napravljena je uz pomoć vrio mladih filmskih stvaralaca. Naslov je "Poklon" ("Gift").

- Kada ćemo moći da vidimo taj film?

- Nadam se da će biti distriburian po bioskopima, jer je sniman na 16 milimetara. Moja disko-kuća źeli da ga prebacim na video-format, ali ću odbiti. Joś nije montiran, pa sumnjam da moźe biti gotov pre februara.

- Imao si problema sa "Soul Kiss" kad je prikazan na MTV-ju, problema sa (golim) omotom vaśe prve ploće, koja se zbog toga prodavala u cmoj kesi, problema sa novim omotom... Da li smatraś da zakoni biznisa sputavaju tvoju umetnićku slobodu?

- S jedne strane, ja moźda jesam problem za njih, ali na duźe staze daću im integritet koji im je i te kako potreban. Daću deo sebe koji ima karakter, a to je upravo ono śto danaśnjoj umetnosti nedostaje. Ne mislim da sam bolji od drugih, ali znam da nudim neśto śto je ćitavo trźiśte postalo usko specijalizovano i nema viśe individualnosti. Nedostatak karaktera je dominantna pojava.

- Ljudi su shvatili śta vi nudite i pohval poćinju da stiźu u ogromnim kolićinam. Da li vas to stavlja pod pritisak da odrźite nivo koji ste sami sebi postavili?

- Uźivam u svojim ulogama i jedini pritisak koji postoji dolazi iznutra. Pravim kompromise, kalkulišući sa video-spotovima da bih preko njih došao do filma. Uskoro to neće više biti potrebno, tim pre što smatram da na MTV-ju i sličnim kanalima postoji zamor materijala.

Navike se menjaju

- Uspeh u vašem slućaju sporo dolazi, ali postoji mogoćnost da se sruči odjednom, poput vodopada. Misliš li da ćete biti spremni na taj udar?

- Razmiśijam o tome i stavijam to medu svoje planove. Upravo zbog toga, "potkresaču" neke stvari posle ove ploće, kao kad želite da vam biljka bolje raste. Smatram da ćemo porasti onoliko koliko sami budemo želeli. Ako podrśka i dalje bude dolazita direktno sa ulice, od ljudi, nema razloga za zabrinutost. Jedan pogled na Top 40 dovoljan je da ustanovim da me plaśi ideja pripadnosti toj vrsti muzike i muzićara. To je grozno, ćoveče, stvarno grozno. Mi smo naporno radili izgrađujući uspeh i zaslužujemo svaki njegov delić.

- Koliko su pesme autobiografske?

- Ja jedino i pišem o vlastitom iskustvu i ne mogo da podnesem izmiśljanje. Kako iko moźe da sluśa o nečemu śto se uopšte nije desilo? Potrebno ti je nešto stvarno, nešto što nosi prave emocije. Ima tako mnogo realnih stvari na ovom svetu i zaista se radije opredeljujemo za njih.

- Šta je tvoj trenutni "Ritual de lo Habitual"?

- Kineske biljke, ujutru. I ćitanje. Ali, navike se neprekidno menjaju.

- Da nije tako, bilo bi lośe i za vas i za nas. Da li sluśaś mnogo muzike?

- Da i plaśi me śto me niśta ne stimuliśe. Odna otvorim ćasopis i vidim poznato ime. Recimo, Cabaret Voltaire... voleo sam taj bend. Ali, moramo se pomiriti sa činjenicom da veoma malo "velićine" hoda okolo. Od savremenih izvodaća tako maio njih mi se dopada, da sam zakljućio da se može računati na jedno, ili dva imena godišnje. Tako je to u danaśnjem svetu.

- Suviśe njih je zarobijeno na jednom podrucćju, suviśe njih nije u stanju da se zainteresuje ni za śta izvan svoje muzićke barijere... Ne kao ti?

- Hvala. Mislim da je muzici potrebna sloboda da uzima viastita, prirodna oblićja, da se kreće viastitim pravcem. Nisam čuo Dread Zeppelin, ali gomila ljudi mi kaže da su sjajni. Video sam njihovu sliku i znam da su počeli kao parodija, ali ih ipak svi uzimaju ozbiljno zato śto su tako zabavni.

- Kako ti izgleda ideja o "Three Days" kao ključnoh pesmi albuma?

- Rekao bih da se u njoj sažima ćitava ploča. Ta pesma poseduje sve ono što čini Jane's Addiction. Ako bi trebalo odabrati jednu pesmu za predstavijanje albuma, bila bi to ona.

- "Of course" se, takode, približava takvom statusu...

- Ako hoćeš istinu, to je moja omiljena stvar. Dok smo bili u Meksiku, ona mi se neprekidno motala po glavi, jer ima u sebi ćili papričice, ima ukus Meksika, ćini da ti krv prokljuća. Istovremeno je i smirujuća i gorko-slatka. Vrio romantićna pesma... moźda je u tome śtos, možda je u tome štos, možda volim romantiku...

- Pretpostavljam da je svi volimo, ali treba biti muškarac pa to priznati...

- Ha, ha. Ovaj album je o ljubavi i imao sam silnu gnjavažu sa ljudima koji su imali primedbe. Kao da ono što radimo nekome smeta više nego saznanje da su mladi ljudi poslati u rat, da poginu, što je najodvratnija stvar koju mogu da zamislim. Ali, lakše je napasti nas. Svi političari su pokvareni i svi se iza nećega skrivaju. Moj predsednik je još koliko i svaki drugi i nije nikakav dobročinitelj sveta kao što bi žeieo da bude predstavljen. Sve njih zanima samo jedna stvar moć. Ali objasni to fanaticima... "Ritual de lo Habitual" je najbolji album Guns N' Roses, koji oni sami neće nikada snimiti...
There was only 1 word I wasn't able to get a clean translation on, but as far as I can tell w/o looking at the original source, it is correct. There may be some typos that have skewed the translation - so feel free to give it a look over and post any fixes.
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