Fall 2022 Tour w/ Smashing Pumpkins

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Fall 2022 Tour w/ Smashing Pumpkins

Post by helicine »

Jane's is touring w/ Smashing Pumpkins this fall.

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Re: Fall 2022 Tour w/ Pumpkin

Post by Anson »

God bless them now
I just hope nobody gets hurt
I hope Dave doesn't lose his glasses and wander off the stage
And I hope Perry doesn't slip a disc or twist his angle or forget his words
Ah sure God bless them now
Isn't it lovely that they can get out of the house for a few hours (must be a nice break for the wife and kids)

What's the tour called (I can't see it without my glasses)
Is it
The Old Folks Tour
The Retirement Tour

Ah God bless them now

And won't it be great for all their fans from the 80s
They can bring their kids (or young adult babies along)
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