1987.09.19 Studio 25, Las Vegas, NV

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Re: 1987.09.19 Studio 25, Las Vegas, NV

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ok, so I know this road because when my daughter was young we would drive pass this area when we visited my mother and she would ask if the road was named after sirus black from harry potter :nod:

this area is a industrial area.

today I went to the library to look up studio 25 in the 1987 phone book. not listed. then I looked in the lv newspaper microfishe for the date oct 30 that capriann mentioned. the show wasn't mentioned. I looked at every page on the 29th, 30th, and 31st. also looked for any mention or advertisement for studio 25 and nada.

so after I left the library an hit a Chinese buffet I headed to sirus road. its all very old and the only thing I could GUESS is maybe they named it for a unit, 25. cause there's no buildings on this side of the street with 25 on it but this and it was near Scandia which use to be a large putt putt golf course. Scandia is not there anymore.

so this is what im guessing the place to be. it makes sense sinse they use to play small dives in the beginning. notice above the door that has $950 painted on it it is labeled 25. so this is 3401 Sirius avenue las vegas, nv 89102 where they played 32 years ago, I guess
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Re: 1987.09.19 Studio 25, Las Vegas, NV

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Nice research, Drifter!
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